LED ribbon, modules, rules

Ideal high-quality LED ribbons (LED ribbon) at an attractive price.

WL.ORG.UA supplies LED ribbons, modules and accessories of the highest quality at low prices.  Are you looking for LED ribbons for your home, restaurant, boutique, showroom or for professional purposes?  Do not look further.  We have a large selection of products in our online store.  For many years of experience we have knowledge, thanks to which we can advise you in your project.  As we started in 2001, we helped more than 75,000 happy customers.

LED-tape, modules are a universal product that can be used in an infinite number of methods.  We sell a flexible LED tape in coils, a tape with an aluminum base, separate ice modules.  All types of ice-tapes as flexible and with the radiator can be divided into the desired size, for which there is a section of a cut or separation.  Installation of LED tape is very simple, thanks to 3m glue on the rear panel.  When soldering LED-ribbons, you will need a soldering iron.  More ice-tapes and ice modules do not have to solder, they are already equipped with modules with transitions for quick installation.  If you do not want to solder, contact the world-light manager and this is not a problem: we can supply LED strips made in size and with already connected connections.

    •   We sell LED ribbons + volt and 24 volts modules and 220 volt.  We also sell LED bars, aluminum profiles and a large selection of remote control, controllers, dimers and accessories.
    • We offer free shipping above a certain order size.  Please see "Delivery and Return" to find the conditions for your country.
    • If you order until 16:00, your order is sent on the same day.  You can choose between the postal shipment that may take 2 days, up to 3 weeks depending on your country of residence, or European customers you can choose DHL Express shipment that takes just a few days.
    • Your order is always checked manually.  If we have any doubts about the position you ordered, we can always contact you before shipping order.
    • Setup: We can supply ice ribbon, made in size, the service will be free with a large order.
  • We have a TRUST Webshop certificate, which means that you do not need to worry when you order with us.  Since we have this certificate, you can also be sure that we follow all European rules for online stores.

  For questions, please contact us by phone, Viber specified in the online store WL.ORG.UA or go to "Customer Support".  We look forward to helping you!  We respond to most requests within a few hours.

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